Hardman Talks | Everything you wanted to know about private equity but were afraid to ask!

16 Dec 2021 / News Video

Why are the fees so high? How can they use so much debt? Is PE in a bubble? And why do so many listed funds trade at a discount? In this edition of Hardman Talks, we invited Steven Tredget, a partner at Oakley Capital, for a no-holds barred Q&A on private equity. The asset class is more important than ever, as institutional investors pour money into PE and more private companies partner with private equity firms. But the industry still needs to shake off the many negative perceptions that hurt its reputation. Mark Thomas, Hardman & Co Head of Investment Companies research, put the audience’s tough questions to Steven.

You can read our latest research on the company here.

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Oakley Capital Investments

Oakley Capital Investments has generated market-beating returns from its concentrated, three-sector focused portfolio of private equity investments via Oakley Capital (Oakley) PE funds. Oakley has a proven model for sourcing investments, creating sustainable value and consistently delivering superior returns.