Hardman Talks | Fund development and effective marketing with Peter Winders of Henwick Park

08 Apr 2021 / News Video

Peter Winders, the founder and director of Henwick Park, joined Larissa Adams on this latest episode of Hardman Talks.

The focus of this episode was to understand how asset managers can build their funds from the power and leverage of industry relationships and marketing through intermediary channels. Peter shared advice on what he considers the most effective industry marketing strategies for asset managers today. The discussion also touched on the importance of ESG investing for funds and the role that has to play in funds securing business from intermediaries, as well as exploring the impact of social media marketing for fund managers.

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About Peter Winders

Peter has spent his entire career in the investment and fund management industry, spanning business development, marketing and senior management. This included growing funds for EEA from £15m to over £1bn in four years.