Hardman Talks | Growing niche markets in services to catering with Jason Sayers of Filta Group

24 Sep 2021 / News Video

In this latest episode of Hardman Talks we were pleased to touch base with Jason Sayers, Filta’s CEO, on their interim results. Jason contemplated how the roadmap for the return to normal trading after the pandemic looked by territory and business line. We also reflected on new gains (first franchise in France, 8 new franchise sales, 13 new Mobile Filtration Units and the new Cyclone Grease Recovery Unit), suggesting that the period of battening down the hatches is over.

The results were encouraging (cash inflow from operations doubled, debt halved and EBITDA bounced back). Jason explained how they did it, and what it tells us about the characteristics of the business. We also covered likely headwinds, such as staff pressures. Finally, we reminded ourselves of the market opportunity by territory. There is no company like Filta quoted in London – growing niche markets in services to catering, with a large US presence, and a franchise model to boot.

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About Jason Sayers

Jason founded Filta in the UK in 1996 and has since been the driving force for the business. As Group CEO, he has ultimate responsibility for all of its operations worldwide. Jason has a degree in European Business Systems, specialising in major Systems Analysis. He lives in Florida, USA.