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Hardman Talks | How do you value intellectual property?

23 Mar 2023 / News Video
value intellectual property

We welcome back Christopher Robertson, of Robertson IP, to continue our discussion about intellectual property. He joins Richard Angus to talk about why IP is such a hot topic, how to value intellectual property rights, and the reasons IP might change hands.

Christopher explains how the IP market has exploded in growth in recent years, as companies look to safeguard their innovations and protect their reputation. At the same time, regulation has become more unified around the world, so the need and ability to protect IP globally is on the up.

The discussion also covers what to look for when valuing intellectual property rights, from the strength of the patent itself to considering the product in question.

Watch the interview to understand more about the value of intellectual property.

Watch the recording

Christopher Robertson is an intellectual property specialist based in Cardiff. He worked for the UK Patent Office for seven years before establishing his consultancy business in 2019. Christopher spends his days advising on all matters relating to intellectual property with as little jargon as possible, as well as filing and prosecuting patent, trade mark and design applications at home and abroad. He has a master’s degree in physics from the University of Durham and a postgraduate diploma in intellectual property law from the University of South Wales.

Watch Richard’s first interview with Christopher here, introducing intellectual property and explaining various types of rights.