Hardman Talks | Learning the entrepreneurial roots of Jason Sayers, CEO of Filta Group

20 Dec 2021 / News Video

In this episode of Hardman Talks, Keith Hiscock explores the entrepreneurial roots of Jason Sayers, founder and CEO of Filta Group plc. We learn how Jason founded the fryer filter opportunity after a cricket mate turned up to a match with a burnt hand. He learnt the basics by running the first van himself, turning up at restaurants to clean their fryers. Jason then goes on to explain the way in which he overcame the challenges of growing a business, going from one van to several, stepping into overseas markets, and overcoming that urge of founders to make every decision and not let go. Finally, we learn of his journey to become a public company, and the advice he would give to other managements who are considering listing.

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About Filta Group plc

Filta Group plc is a market-leading commercial kitchen services business, quoted on the AIM market. It services restaurants, supermarkets, stadiums, healthcare, education, hotels and amusement parks. The company is trusted by many global brands, specialising in fryer management and grease & drain management, servicing equipment that requires regular maintenance. The group’s core business operations are within North America, the UK and mainland Europe. The North America and mainland Europe operations are exclusively operated as a franchise network, while the UK activities are operated under both franchise and direct sale business models.