Hardman Talks | M&A trends & hot sectors in 2021 with Doug Lawson of MarktoMarket

22 Jul 2021 / News Video

We sit down with Doug Lawson, CEO of MarktoMarket, to get the inside view on M&A activity and themes in 2021. Doug shares his journey from fund manager to starting up his own fintech company.

MarktoMarket helps corporates, advisory firms and institutional investors research, identify and value private companies to facilitate transactions in the private capital markets. Drawing on Doug’s experiences from the buy side, the firm provides a solution to the scarcity and unreliability of data on private companies. Offering whole-of-market data from a vast range of sources with excellent veracity, MarktoMarket sets itself apart from peers.

In 2021, markets have seen M&A activity accelerating, deepening the need for a platform like MarktoMarket. Data from the company shows that UK M&A deal volume started to recover in 2H 2020 and is now surging higher than deal volume pre-lockdown. Watch our interview to learn more about Doug’s views on M&A trends, hot sectors and key themes for 2021.


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About Doug Lawson

Doug Lawson co-founded MarktoMarket in 2017. MarktoMarket is the leading provider of data on UK private companies. Prior to MarktoMarket, Doug spent his career in fund management after qualifying as a Chartered Accountant with EY and working in corporate finance. A significant part of his role involved considering the valuation drivers behind both private and public company valuations. He co-founded Amati Global Investors, a smaller company specialist fund manager with over £1bn of assets under management, partially exiting when a 49% stake was acquired by Mattioli Woods plc in 2017.