Hardman Talks | Martin Brown of Elephant’s Child on sector trends, culture fit and entrepreneurship

26 Apr 2021 / News Video

On 16 April, Larissa Adams hosted another episode of Hardman Talks, interviewing Martin Brown, CEO of the business growth advisory firm, Elephant’s Child. Martin and Larissa discussed how the business was founded, and the impact Martin’s entrepreneurial background has had on the type of advice it offers clients who are going through economically tough periods. In particular, he talked about the importance of using entrepreneurship to support life goals.

Martin explained the sector trends he has seen in the past year, touching on the consolidation and changes happening within the accounting field. Returning to the business, Martin shared his behind-the-scenes thought process on working with new management teams, the importance of culture fit, and where Elephant’s Child offers the most value for its clients.

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About Martin Brown

Martin helps UK SME businesses grow the value of their business. During his career Martin has been an entrepreneur, partner, GM, MD, CEO, HOO, and business developer. His passion is to help clients grow with value and create successful outcomes to stimulate and enable their lives. Martin has pioneered a way of thinking, a growth framework to focus business leaders to drive value, achieve high impact growth, accelerate business development and enjoy profit. He holds a BA (Hons) degree in Business and Finance from Southampton Solent University, and MBA from the University of Southampton.