Hardman Talks | Michael Adams shares WET Group’s formidable expertise as ‘water designers’

21 Oct 2021 / News Video

In this episode of Hardman Talks, Larissa Adams sits down with Michael Adams, Founder and CEO of WET Group (Water Enhancement Technology Group). Sharing a compelling account of fond memories on how he started the business, Michael takes us through his journey of developing WET Group into the water company it is today.

The multi-divisional WET Group has centred its B2B product offering around its unique IP, namely the Natralysis Process. Known as the “Water Designers”, WET Group’s technology creates top quality alkaline water that can be commercialised in many industries including agriculture, and the soft drinks markets. Throughout the interview we learn about the many opportunities and commercial partners WET Group now has access to as it begins to monetise its IP further. Michael also touches on WET Group’s current fund raising and future growth plans to scale up the business.

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About WET Group

The unquoted Water Enhancement Technology (WET) Group has developed formidable expertise in the specialised water treatment market, which has grown sharply, especially in the US. Having invested over £10m in undertaking this research and in developing a range of products for the market over a six-year period, WET – a Knowledge Intensive Company (KIC) – now seeks to monetise its IP. While COVID-19 has delayed its planned rollout, WET’s Natralysis Process (NP) will be central in generating future revenues. Currently, WET is best known for its Pure Ionic Water (PIW) elite brand that is supplied to leading Premier League football clubs, including Manchester City and Chelsea.