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Hardman Talks | Mike Foster discusses safer harbour REITs

03 Dec 2020 / News Video

In this episode of Hardman Talks, we interviewed Mike Foster, Hardman & Co Real Estate analyst, on his recently updated publication, Safer harbour REITs: an update – REITs of interest as investors go back into lockdown.

With the intention of introducing investors to property companies with stable, rising income and resilient returns, Mike created the Secure Index, comprised of 17 different REITs. This year, the index has outperformed the top 100 UK shares index in seven out of the ten months in 2020. And although the index has taken a slight dip in 2020, the top 100 UK shares index fell just over 12% more than our secure index.

With value for money at the centre of his picks, Mike talks about the basket’s income stream, the dividend structure from the different REITs and why this is perfectly designed for both the retail and institutional investor.