Hardman Talks | Milan Radia discusses the tech sector

19 Jan 2021 / News Video

In this episode of Hardman Talks, we interviewed Milan Radia, Hardman & Co Technology analyst, about his enthusiasm for the sector, what he looks for when analysing, and his thoughts on global technology in the future.

Milan talks us through his career, from the exuberance of the late Nineties with the global realisation that emerging technologies had the potential to change the way we live and work, to the current situation with cloud and remote solutions, conversational AI and big data all coming to the fore.

He also talks about the role of good financial analysis both in scrutinising the company and providing strategy explanation to investors, in particular for smaller companies with less opportunity to get their story out. For instance, as the use of subscription models for software grew, revenue flattened but good analysis was vital in explaining how to use other metrics to see the value in a company’s proposition.