Hardman Talks | The rising need for private company valuations

20 Mar 2024 / News Video
private company valuations

In this Hardman Talks, Larissa Adams and Richard Angus share their views on the rising importance of private company valuations.

Recent market activity has shown that fund managers and business owners share a common need for private businesses to be better understood, and more accurately valued – be it in the pursuit of maximising returns for investors, raising funds or as part of a business acquisition due diligence.

Richard and Larissa discuss the increasing demand for this type of bespoke corporate research, and the role financial regulators and other market participants, like Hardman & Co, play in the ecosystem of valuing private businesses.

Watch the interview now to find out more about private company valuations, and get in touch with Richard if you are interested in finding out more about our corporate valuation work.

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