Hardman Talks | Nigel Hawkins explains the shift in the market towards renewable energy

15 Apr 2021 / News Video

Renewables & Infrastructure analyst, Nigel Hawkins, joined Richard Angus on this latest episode of Hardman Talks, following the publication of his research paper, REIFs revisited – a compendium.

Nigel and Richard discussed the huge increase in renewable power, with particular focus on offshore wind which Nigel thinks will be key for investment over the next decade. The sector has weathered the pandemic well, despite reductions in government subsidies. They also cover dividends, global operations and what the future holds for the sector around Europe.

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About Nigel Hawkins

Nigel is the Infrastructure and Renewables Specialist at Hardman & Co. He specialises in the energy sector, with a particular focus on the expanding renewable generation market, both in the UK and overseas, about which he has written several reports assessing the sector’s finances. He has been involved in analysing the utilities sector since the 1980s.