October Investor Forum: Shareholder value in ESG investing

29 Sep 2022 / Events News
ESG Investing

We are delighted to announce our October Investor Forum, jointly hosted with the London Stock Exchange, on Tuesday 4 October 2022 at 3:00pm as an online virtual webinar.

Selected from the London Stock Exchange’s Green Economy Mark Report 2022, the presenters are amongst the cohort of recognised London-listed companies and funds driving the global green economy and supporting the shift towards a low-carbon economy. We’re excited to bring this topic to life by hearing the thoughts and opinions of the presenting management teams from Blackbird plc, CyanConnode Holdings plc and Gore Street Energy Storage Fund plc.

It is widely accepted that ESG engagement can boost investor returns, but very few investors understand the reasons behind this. With factors like ESG momentum, changing macroeconomic dynamics influencing share price resilience and volatility, it can be difficult for investors to assess the true driver behind shareholder returns and how much (or little) of it is attributed to a company’s ESG efforts. What can be further debated is how much financial markets value each individual company’s ESG focus/aspect, and how much room for improvement there is at a company level in determining the growth opportunity. We’re keen to hear from the management teams themselves as to what extent they believe shareholder returns are driven by ESG engagement and the future of ESG investing within their own niche industries.

Join us to hear each company present on their business followed by an audience-led Q&A session. We will also be hosting a lively panel debate with all three management teams on ‘shareholder value in ESG investing’, opening to a Q&A session with the audience thereafter.

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