Hardman Talks | REITs: Volatility reduced

19 Feb 2024 / News Video
REITs volatility

In this Hardman Talks, Mike Foster joins Larissa Adams to discuss volatility in the real estate sector.

After a difficult 2022, which saw UK commercial real estate values fall by 19% in the second half of the year alone, 2023 was much more quiet. Such is the turmoil that the first step for investors is to try to see whether any financial numbers and ratios quoted are on a firm footing or not. This is what Mike does in this second analysis of REIT share price prospects.

We look at NAVs by sector in the light of the past seven years and in particular the past two. We find NAVs still falling but with a very important series of clues to more solid prospects. We see changes in trends for rents and values on retail assets and as ever alternative assets are doing far better.

Watch the interview now to find out more, and read more of Mike’s research here.

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