Hardman Talks | How can retail investors make the most of electronic trading?

15 Nov 2023 / News Video

In this Hardman Talks, Keith Hiscock, Hardman & Co’s CEO, recently sat down with James Wood, Corporate Analyst at Winterflood Securities, a leading market maker, to discuss liquidity and retail investors’ electronic dealing. Hardman & Co, in cooperation with Winterflood, has recently published the most comprehensive analysis of liquidity on the London Stock Exchange.  

Winterflood is the leading Retail Service Provider (RSP). James explained the nuts and bolts involved in providing electronic trading through the RSP to retail investors and how they can use the system to their best advantage.

Watch the discussion now to hear more.

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James Wood is a Corporate Analyst at Winterflood Securities with 37 years’ experience in the City, initially as a Private Client Stockbroker before a career in Corporate Broking & Institutional Sales. He sits on both the PLC Awards & AIM Awards voting panels and is a member of the AIM Advisory Group at the London Stock Exchange. He joined Winterflood Securities in November 2015.