Hardman Talks | Streamers vs. broadcasters: The fightback of the broadcasters with Derek Terrington

02 Mar 2022 / News Video
Streamers vs. broadcasters

Streamers vs. broadcasters: The fightback of the broadcasters

The ever-topical debate of ‘ Streamers vs. Broadcasters ‘ has debuted on Hardman Talks in our latest interview between Larissa Adams and media analyst, Derek Terrington. The interview begins with Derek breaking down his thoughts on the latest results’ trends from major streamers and the impact on broadcasters. The discussion then moves on to tackle key themes within the relationship between advertisers and broadcasters, oversaturation within the streaming industry, content creation, and the growth prospects for both streamers and broadcasters.

Streaming is the most disruptive force in video media. Globally, streamed video services continue to grow, led by the US majors, apparently at the expense of non-streamed and advertising-dependent broadcasters. Recent trading announcements by leading streamers and leading UK broadcasters point in two directions: streaming growth in the North American market is slowing, according to figures from Netflix and Disney, while UK public service broadcasters (PSBs) reported a strong advertising recovery in 3Q21. Both trends were influenced by the pandemic, which slowed the production of new content – this is unwinding and points to a healthy 4Q21. Similarly, leading UK PSBs expect a strong 4Q, with advertising at record levels.

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Derek Terrington is responsible for covering media stocks at Hardman & Co. He has more than 30 years’ experience in the City, and was rated top analyst in the Institutional Investor Survey for the Publishing sector for four years from 1988 to 1991. He has worked at leading City brokers and financial institutions, and was Head of Media Research at UBS, KBS and Commerzbank, as well as Partner and Head of Research at Teather & Greenwood. On the buy side, he has been a media analyst at AXA Fund Managers. Derek joined Hardman & Co in 2013. He is a graduate of the University of Cape Town, with an MA in Economics, and is an FRSA.