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Hardman Talks | Surface Transforms Capital Markets Day presentation with the Board

09 May 2022 / News Video

Surface Transforms’ recent CMD was oversubscribed. This webinar enabled those who were unable to attend the day in Knowsley to watch the presentation that was made and ask questions of the management. The webinar was hosted by David Bundred, Chairman, who introduced Kevin Johnson, CEO, and Michael Cunningham, CFO.

Surface Transforms is one of two manufacturers in the world of carbon-ceramic discs for the brakes for cars. These discs offer far superior braking performance to traditional iron discs, but also have a number of other positive attributes; these include substantially longer life, dramatic weight-saving (especially beneficial because the saving is of the unsprung weight of a car), and virtually no dust generation/pollution.

Carbon-ceramic discs are seeing a rapid uptake by car manufacturers, initially at the upper end of their ranges. Surface Transforms has already secured a number of large OEM contracts and is now working on increasing capacity.

During the call, management was questioned on a number of areas, such as the execution risk in upscaling capacity, inflation in raw materials and wages and supply chain disruption impacting the business.

Watch the CMD presentation

Surface Transforms

Surface Transforms is an expert in the development and production of carbon-ceramic materials and the UK’s only manufacturer of carbon-ceramic brakes for automotive use. The company utilises its proprietary next-generation carbon-ceramic material – CCST – to create lightweight brake discs for high-performance applications, including automotive and aircraft brakes. The company has won a number of contracts with leading OEMs in the car industry.