Hardman Talks | Surface Transforms present their open offer to investors

01 Feb 2021 / News Video

On 25 January 2021, the Surface Transforms management team gave an excellent presentation to investors on Hardman Talks.

The talk included a full rundown of the business and their plans to upscale manufacturing capacity, particularly in Cell 2, following the recent fundraising initiatives through placement, subscription and open offer.

Surface Transforms has recently won new OEM contracts with German, USA, and European car manufacturers, with multi-year contracts generating strong growth currently exceeding installed capacity and contracts valued at £43m from four OEMs in the last 18 months. Based on current contracts, the company is facing significant growth. It is therefore installing £30m/year of capacity by FY23, which could be needed if they win contracts in discussion, and there is potential for £75m/year on the prospective pipeline. Operating in a £2bn/year potential market, and currently penetrating 6% of this, the company is expecting meaningful growth in both the near and long term.

You can download the presentation used in the event here, or watch the recording below.


Watch the webinar