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Hardman Talks | Surface Transforms Q&A with the Board

04 Jun 2021 / News Video

Hardman Talks took a different approach this week, with an opportunity for investors to meet the Board of Surface Transforms following the release of their AGM presentation. Plenty of people tuned in to put their questions to the directors, in an hour-long session moderated by David Bundred, Chair of the Board.

Management stated the current longer pipeline of active new contract discussions fills Knowsley capacity, which exceeds £75m pa revenue, and anticipates the existing capacity will be full by 2026 but this could come significantly sooner. Of course, within any industry and particularly so with OEMs, the timetables cannot be tied down. Management also anticipates a further contract win this year.

The product has a number of specific environmental benefits which have been outlined in the past and become increasingly relevant over time. Well over half the pipeline is electric or hybrid. Electric vehicles benefit particularly from the weight-saving benefits of carbon ceramic brake discs.

Across a number of industries there are debates about supply chain constrictions and price rises. Detailed consideration was given to this throughout the webinar and the company is very well placed. It holds a month of buffer stock even when not specified in the contract and the overwhelming majority of supply is dual sourced, which is an important point of benefit. Potential clients may well seek to think very hard about dual sourcing carbon ceramic brake discs which currently are 97% (and falling) supplied by the Company’s competitor.

Watch the full event here, including the AGM presentation and Q&A session