Hardman Talks | ‘What makes CEOs tick?’ with Dr Ilian Iliev of NetScientific

18 May 2022 / News Video
Dr Ilian Iliev NetScientific interview

Ever wondered what makes a CEO tick?

As part of our Entrepreneurship Series on Hardman Talks, Larissa Adams interviews NetScientific’s CEO, Dr Ilian Iliev. As an exciting peek into the people behind their businesses, we get Ilian’s take on “What makes a CEO tick?”. In the lead-up questions we begin with a backdrop of Ilian’s experience running EMV Capital and now NetScientific, weaving in his top tips and suggestions on what has shaped his time as CEO.

As a company, NetScientific invests in, develops and commercialises life sciences, healthcare and technology companies in the UK, the US and across the world, and is listed on the LSE AIM market. In this interview, Larissa and Ilian also discuss his management style, attitude to risk and reward and some of the challenges in his role.

Don’t miss this “behind the veil” take on Ilian’s top views, and get to know the management team on Hardman Talks under a different lens.

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