Hardman Talks | What ShareSoc can do for retail investors

01 Feb 2024 / News Video
What ShareSoc can do for retail investors

In this episode of Hardman Talks, Keith Hiscock was joined by Mike Dennis, a director of ShareSoc, the organisation dedicated to promoting the interests of retail investors in the stock market.

Mike told us about the work of ShareSoc, including its campaigning for retail investors’ interests in particular cases, such as the Woodford catastrophe. It has also represented retail in submissions to various government enquiries. These efforts have contributed to an improved appreciation of this investor class.

We also discussed the resources that ShareSoc provides, including tutorials for beginner investors, an extensive website and a regional face-to-face meeting network for like-minded investors.

Watch the video now to hear the discussion, and go to sharesoc.org to find out more.

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Mike Dennis is a Director of ShareSoc. He has a wide range of managerial experience in processing and manufacturing industries ranging from oil production and refining to chemicals, industrial, medical and speciality gases. His functional experiences include strategy, B2B marketing, product development, sales, operations, business and project management. Since retiring from full time roles in the corporate world Mike has put his energies into growing ShareSoc’s membership base.