96: How EIS and VCTs fit in a financial plan and how to pick the right products for your clients | Rob Bell of Finova Money

28 May 2024 / Podcast Tax Advantaged
Finova Money

How we fit EIS funds and VCTs into an advice process is something that the tax advantaged industry has got many different answers for. Rob Bell of Finova Money has been using these for clients for many years. In this episode we discuss their place in a financial plan, how he chooses between different products and investor perceptions of the industry.

Amongst other topics, Rob discusses:

  • How he chooses the right scheme for his clients
  • How he uses what might go wrong in framing discussions and diversification
  • The use of a panel
  • Assessing track records and their depth
  • The true term of EIS investments
  • The value of managers having several capital pools
  • Where SEIS fits into the advice process
  • Different uses of generalist and specialist managers
  • The current state of ESG and impact managers
  • Improving investor perception of venture capital

It’s a great conversation with lots of insights from Rob for investors, advisers and fund managers.

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Rob Bell is a Chartered Financial Planner and one of the founding directors at Finova Money, an independent financial advice business based in London. Rob is passionate about helping his clients take control of their finances so they can live with confidence knowing they have a solid financial plan for the future in place. Rob’s clients include business owners and professionals with more complex tax positions who can benefit from looking at a broader range of financial planning options. Outside of work Rob’s interest are getting out into the countryside, Munro bagging and scuba diving.