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MiFID II is not working out as planned: Boosting demand for specialist providers of research

18 Aug 2019 / In the media MiFID II Monitor
MiFID II monitor

The Telegraph today featured our MiFID II Monitor data as part of the article "City's brain drain, price wars and disastrous deals: Mifid II is not working out as planned".

Vinjeru Mkandawire highlights that:

With costly research operations being slashed, the phrase “content is king” has never rung more hollow. City insiders claim the depletion of analyst coverage – sparked by Mifid’s call for more transparent fees – has given rise to price wars, disastrous deals and an exodus of star analysts.

Those who have resisted the brain drain are increasingly being swapped for inexperienced, junior staff.

“You see it happening in all of the big investment banks. Younger, cheaper analyst teams and aggressive pricing of research have raised concerns among investors and corporates about poorer coverage,” says Naresh Chouhan, an equity analyst who launched his own practice three years ago.

Our team of 15 analysts have an average of 25 years experience in their specialist sectors. They work alongside colleagues from a variety of capital markets backgrounds and with diverse industry qualifications.  This combination allows us to deliver both high-quality research and an outstanding service.

Read the full Telegraph article here

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