New Entrant Network | Succeeding in the financial adviser market

20 May 2021 / News Tax Advantaged Video

Succeeding in the financial adviser market

May’s New Entrant Network event was a panel discussion and Q&A exploring how newer EIS managers can succeed in the financial adviser market. The expert panel of speakers included:

  • Anna Long, Director, Woodside Corporate Services
  • David Stamp, Founder, IFS
  • Lawrence Gosling, Editorial Director, What Investment
  • Dr Brian Moretta, Hardman & Co
  • Dan Rodwell, Chief Executive, GrowthInvest
  • Richard Angus, Head of Business Development, Hardman & Co

Hot topics

Hardman & Co’s Richard Angus shared an overview of the New Entrant Network, and why it was set up. The importance of joining a community with deep sector knowledge can’t be underestimated, and here at Hardman & Co we pride ourselves on our ability to connect and communicate that knowledge.

The adviser market can be a challenging landscape for funds, especially as a new entrant. The biggest hurdle for succeeding in the adviser market is the lack of track record. This is especially true for new funds now, with reduced face-to-face interaction in light of the pandemic. This is where platforms may help: if new entrants join a platform, they are listed next to established funds. The panel also discussed the importance of due diligence, stressing that “support can drift away,” if all information on a particular proposition is not available to investors.

Our analyst Brian Moretta tackled the question of ESG by explaining impact investing and ESG compliance. While impact investing means doing good, ESG compliance means doing no harm. ESG compliance may help a deal, or help a business realise a better price. Good governance leads to good reporting, and good business practice results in a more favourable investment, while diversity, alongside environmental sustainability issues, are essential and need to be put in place as soon as possible. Advisers and their clients are increasingly conscious of ESG investing, and will continue on this trajectory as regulation develops over the next few years.

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The New Entrant Network

The New Entrant Network was set up by Hardman & Co in 2018 as a network of trusted suppliers of professional services to help and support new entrant fund managers to the S/EIS market. We are now widening the scope of the network to embrace newer fund managers, including those founded within the past five years. Members of the Network can offer newer fund managers all the diverse elements required to have a successful firm. For example:

  • Independent product reviews
  • Market research and marketing services
  • Fund management services
  • Distribution platforms
  • Custodian and administration services
  • Legal and regulatory services
  • Tax advice
  • Adviser marketing and promotion
  • Insurance for managers and investee companies