Private Company Valuations: A new service from Hardman & Co

01 Jul 2020 / Tax Enhanced

By Richard Angus

Private Company Valuations

There is no doubt that the Covid-19 lockdown has dislocated the EIS and wider Venture Capital funding world. Anticipated inflows of investment fell sharply in March. The dynamics of the marketplace were sufficiently disrupted to cause investors to pause for breath.
It is now essential that both advisers and investors can feel confident again about investing in EIS, but this will only happen if they feel that they are investing at ‘Fair Value’.

What this means is that there is an urgent need for valuations of private companies to be reconsidered. This is required to provide a realistic guide for transactions, to support portfolio reviews, and to restore investor confidence.

Hardman & Co has built up years of experience in undertaking private company valuations.

We are now using this experience to offer three different services to the EIS industry:

• Primary valuations, where a completely new assessment of Fair Value is required
• Secondary Valuations, where a second opinion is prudent
• Portfolio Monitoring, for the proactive and regular monitoring of portfolio companies

Watch the video about our service:

Private Company Valuation from Far North Film on Vimeo.

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