Recognising the value of Intellectual Property | Christopher Robertson of Robertson IP Limited

04 May 2023 / Insight Download the report
intellectual property

IP rights – always intangible, often inscrutable, but never inconsequential

Intellectual Property (IP) assets are intangible, and are often not well-understood by the majority of stakeholders, but their potential value and vulnerabilities mean that investors cannot afford to ignore them when making decisions on where to put their money. IP rights protect innovation and reputation – two of the most essential tools for honing a competitive edge in any sector. If managed well, they can secure market share, foster long-term growth and attract investment. But what should investors look for in an IP portfolio when making high-value business decisions, and what new and upcoming risks should they be aware of?

This article will cover some of the basics of IP from the point of view of investors, and will explore current developments on the European patent scene that are worthy of ongoing attention by all those keen to keep abreast of the risks associated with investing in IP-intensive companies.