The Monthly: May 2023

02 May 2023 / Corporate research

Feature article:

Recognising the value of Intellectual Property

IP rights – always intangible, often inscrutable, but never inconsequential

Intellectual Property (IP) rights protect innovation and allow companies to commercialise their endeavours. While this sounds straightforward, the challenge in raising capital to fund development has risen significantly recently as the world has responded to macro challenges and investors have become more risk averse. This has called into question the ability of some companies to continue to fund their innovation projects. Essentially, these businesses are “innovation-rich but cash-poor”.

In these circumstances what could happen to their IP? Is it vulnerable? Could it be lost? Can it be sold? Could shareholders lose out? Most importantly, what is IP worth?

Investors are beginning to ask questions, highlighting their desire to understand IP better – particularly as it relates to knowledge-intensive businesses. We begin here by addressing some of these issues.

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