The Monthly: October 2018

03 Oct 2018 / Corporate research

October feature article:

Homing in on iconoclastic housing trends

By Mike Foster, Hardman & Co Analyst 

We are in the midst of the Conference season for political parties and trade unions in Britain. We all have a lot on our minds, with generational constitutional issues to the fore, but these have come to the fore after many years of concerns building up about citizens’ ‘place in the world’.

The most directly relevant example of peoples’ ‘place in the world’ is the home they live in and the town centres they visit. Both these are crucial factors that political will can improve – or can let drift. In this article we look at housing. Hardman will be publishing on the possible imminent trends in town centres and other segments of the UK property market, shortly. Here, we share our thoughts – and enthusiasm – on the current new trends in rental housing supply.

Radically new sources of supply have come to deliver housing and to make changes to town centres just in the past three years, or less. This is likely to prove to be only the start of new investment – and it does not rely on the usual febrile excitement of property booms. Indeed, it benefits from the absence of such a boom. There is plenty to be optimistic about.

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