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Technology; cloud, data and blockchain

03 Jul 2018 / Insight

By Milan Radia

The technology sector is in the midst of a period of immense change and progress. For a number of years, rapid innovation has been changing the way that we live, work and communicate. These developments remain in their relative infancy, with new data-centric technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, yet to make their mark. No industry or vertical will be exempt from the impact of these developments. This brief commentary touches on a few areas:

i) the migration of enterprise software to the Cloud;

ii) the data explosion and the emergence of data-centric new technologies;

iii) Blockchain, which has enormous potential as a system of record
across many segments; and,

iv) some perspectives on ongoing M&A in the technology sector.

Certainly, from an investment perspective, it is an exciting time but, as ever, stock selection will be key.

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