The best table in the house

07 Jun 2019 / Events Tax Advantaged

Yesterday, Richard Angus of Hardman & Co had the pleasure of chairing the GBI EIS round table session hosted by Hambro Perks.

Topics discussed included research, due diligence, and most importantly education.

GBI Magazine stated:

“Chaired by Richard Angus, Head of Business Development at Hardman & Co, the lively 2-hour session flew by with all attendees making important and occasionally surprising contributions.

Nick Sharp, Head of the Co-Investment Fund at Hambro Perks described it as “a thoroughly enjoyable and informative GBI Roundtable, expertly chaired by Richard Angus and Alex Sullivan, exploring the views and opinions of Advisors and Fund Managers on the EIS Fund industry. We also heard from two inspirational founders who discussed the importance of EIS funding to them, and the critical impact it has had on their ability to build their businesses.”

We’ll be reporting on the specifics of the session over the coming days, but perhaps the 3 key issues which stood out with regard to the EIS space were the importance of research and due diligence, particularly with regard to individual entrepreneurs rather than brands; the continuing need to educate, educate and educate again about the opportunities offered by EIS – and finally, never to underestimate the emotional, as opposed to purely financial, appeal of investing in something truly ground-breaking.”


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