Upcoming event | September 2021 Hardman & Co Life Sciences Investor Forum

11 Aug 2021 / Events News

Life Sciences Investor Forum

Join us on Thursday 23 September 2021 for the Hardman & Co Life Sciences Investor Forum, featuring three companies from across the Life Sciences spectrum. The event will be hosted by Keith Hiscock, Hardman & Co CEO.

It has been an unusual 18 months as the world navigated through the COVID-19 pandemic. The sector has undergone significant change, both through coping with global lockdown and new working practices, and with the rapid development of new diagnostics, vaccines and therapeutic treatments. Meanwhile, companies not focused on the pandemic have had to respond to the changed business environment, with every sphere of their businesses experiencing new challenges. The pandemic caused a clear shift in R&D focus, regulatory approach, resource allocation and capital deployment, calling for strong leadership within the sector.

The presenting companies will share their journey through the pandemic within the broader context of their individual investment cases, followed by a keynote speech from Hardman & Co analyst, Dr Martin Hall. Each session will include a moderated Q&A session with on-the-spot analysis.

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Company speakers

Diurnal Group

Diurnal Group plc is a European, UK-headquartered, specialty pharma company targeting patient needs in chronic, potentially life-threatening, endocrine (hormonal) diseases. Alkindi has been approved and launched in both the EU and the US, and Efmody has been approved recently by the EU and is being prepared for launch.


Incanthera plc is a UK-based specialist oncology and dermatology company. Its main focus is on a value-added proprietary formulation sun cream, Sol, that prevents skin cancers. It also owns a novel, targeted drug delivery platform which delivers cytotoxic warheads directly to cancer cells, in the expectation of improving clinical outcomes with fewer side effects.

Shield Therapeutics

Shield Therapeutics plc is a de-risked pharmaceutical company with a lead product, Feraccru/Accrufer, approved in Europe and the US for the treatment of iron deficiency in adults. Outside the US, the strategy is to use distribution and commercialisation partners in return for royalties and sales milestones. In the US, Shield has just started its own commercialisation programme.

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