25: Multi-stage investing and a regional focus | Paul Mattick of Mercia Asset Management

18 May 2021 / Podcast Tax Advantaged

While multi-stage venture capital management is common in the US, few firms have, so far, managed to develop it successfully here. Mercia has probably developed the widest range of capital pools in the tax-advantaged world. We get Dr Paul Mattick on to discuss their approach.

While the benefits of multiple pools are clear, it does bring challenges too. We discuss how Mercia addresses these, building up strong processes and using its scale to its benefit.

We also discuss Mercia’s regional focus – the advantages and disadvantages, why the regions are underfunded and whether that can change. Paul also explains his idea of geographical arbitrage, to buy at low regional valuations and sell at a premium in the south east!

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Dr Paul Mattick heads the Sales and Investor Relations team for the Mercia EIS Funds. He works directly with private clients and advisers to build the EIS fund raising capacity of Mercia. Paul oversees the administration and development of the EIS funds, and ensures that investors receive a high level of service, much of which is delivered through Mercia’s award-winning Investor Centre. Paul has a variety of experience in early-stage businesses (including being a founder), and formerly worked at another leading EIS fund manager, where he built close relationships with top tier clients, and significantly grew both fund and single company assets under management. Paul has a PhD and Post-Doctorate from the University of Oxford and a 1st Class Bachelor of Science from the University of Leeds.