46: Data-driven insights into private market valuations and behaviour | Doug Lawson of MarktoMarket

08 Mar 2022 / Podcast Tax Advantaged

Getting financial and transaction data on private companies can be challenging. MarktoMarket makes that easier, which gives CEO Doug Lawson a great perspective on the market, which he shares in this episode focused on data-driven insights.

First we talk about data. We chat about what the issues are, and how MarktoMarket aims to get around these. Doug talks about how some of it is looking in the right place and how patterns emerge when there is enough data. He also discusses the extent to which processes can be automated with AI and when an analytical input is needed.

We then discuss some of the data-driven insights that this has given MarktoMarket about the private markets, especially valuation. Doug breaks down how not everything is a bubble and talks about how different parts of the markets have behaved. We also talk about how valuations affect investment strategies and where they are being used in a kind of valuation arbitrage to enhance value.

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Doug Lawson is Co-founder and CEO of MarktoMarket, a data platform specialising in private company intelligence, which is backed by VCs 24Haymarket, Techstart and Par Equity. Doug founded MarktoMarket following a career in fund management, where he specialised in investing in private and public companies. Before this he worked in M&A and qualified as a chartered accountant.