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Calculus Capital (Funds)

Private equity investment opportunities with substantial tax advantages from the award-winning, Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and Venture Capital Trust (VCT) Fund Manager.

Calculus VCT was originally launched in conjunction with Investec and was called the Investec Structured Products Calculus VCT. The VCT already has two existing share classes – ordinary (launched in 2010) and C shares (launched in 2011). Each has its own segregated pool of assets. The assets of each share class included a significant proportion invested in an Investec structured product to help meet the income targets.

The VCT was renamed in 2015 to Calculus VCT plc and Investec’s only remaining interest is in the structured product in the C share asset pool. As of the last interim accounts (31 August 2015) the ordinary shares had net assets of £2.7m and the C shares £1.6m with combined Qualifying investments of £2.7m.

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