Heart of Hardman: Spring 2023 newsletter

13 Apr 2023 / News

It may be a new year, but the first few months of 2023 left investors doing a double take with macro challenges eerily similar to 2022, from inflation fears and rising interest rates, to corporate and banking failures. Confidence remains fragile despite the recent positive market performance. There is also the task of identifying which companies to own, against a backdrop that does not lend itself to gazing too far into the crystal ball.

Yet while the narrative hasn’t changed, investors have. Many companies which were previously seen to offer attractive, disruptive business models with high-growth prospects are now widely treated with scepticism. Companies reliant on regular new funding rounds to fund growth are finding investors less accommodating. Reality has replaced optimism.

As the pendulum swings back in investors’ favour, they need quality research to help make investment decisions. As part of our remit to meet that need, we are delighted to be working with DIY Investor to distribute our research further with the aim of engaging the next generation of savers and investors. Read our Insight article, ‘Asset managers had a poor 2022’, on the platform here.

Hardman Talks

Our videos this quarter offer a deep dive into the topic of intellectual property. Richard Angus is joined by Christopher Robertson, a specialist in the area with seven years’ experience in the Patent Office. They explore the concept of intellectual property and consider how best to value it when considering the worth of a business. Check out our YouTube channel for more, and subscribe to Hardman Talks to see the latest videos in your inbox as soon as they are published.

The importance of intellectual property

Christopher explains why we have a legal framework to protect innovation and how to understand the intellectual property held within a business.

How do you value intellectual property?

Christopher and Richard talk about why IP is such a hot topic, how to value intellectual property rights, and the reasons IP might change hands.

New faces

We are joined this quarter by Stephen Samuel, Business Development Executive, and Richard Jeans, Technology Analyst. We are delighted to welcome them both to the team.

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