Our Commitment to Client Service & Investor Communications

20 Mar 2020 / Insight

By Keith Hiscock

Despite the extremely challenging circumstances resulting from COVID-19, we are taking robust measures to ensure that we operate effectively and continue to support our clients.

Our London office is now closed. All staff are able to work remotely and communicate effectively to ensure uninterrupted service to our clients. We have comprehensive business continuity plans in place to ensure uninterrupted service to our clients, for as long as is necessary.

As communication between corporates and investors becomes increasingly challenging, we are in a pivotal position to offer video conferencing facilities to bridge the gap. Please do not hesitate to contact us (see below) if you require further information.

As part of a vibrant and ambitious business community, we welcome all suggestions on how innovative and alternative ways to continue to do business can be implemented. We will continue to be proactively engaged.

Key Contact Information by Business Service:

UK plcs – Keith Hiscock[email protected]

Tax Enhanced Services & Valuations – Richard Angus [email protected]

Investor Engagement – Caroline Heagney [email protected]

Video Conferencing & Digital Media – Larissa Adams [email protected]

Operations & Accounting – Kirsty Macrae [email protected]


We will continue to update you in response to the changing news.

Keith Hiscock

CEO, Hardman & Co.