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Third in a row – New Entrant Network Event

15 Nov 2019 / Events Tax Enhanced

By Larissa Adams

On the 12th Nov, we hosted our third successful event for new entrants to the EIS market. We are really pleased and excited to see how this small idea has grown so quickly, and are hopefully that together we continue building on this momentum.

In our work in the EIS sector, we have recognised that more can and should be done to support new entrants in order to grow the market. New fund managers or those looking to set up a fund, will need to know all the constituent parts necessary for a successful launch, and what different audiences are looking for.

In response to this need, we launched the New Entrant Network, a collaboration between professional services providers that we know and trust, and who are prepared to help new entrants succeed. Our network aims to facilitate introductions and referrals to help funds successfully gain traction and grow.

The aim of Tuesday’s event was to provide insights and information on advisers’ due diligence and selection processes of tax efficient products. Each advisory and wealth management firm has its own way in selecting these types of investments, so we hope this event was successful in developing the understanding of raising money through the advisory market.

Thank you to our guest speakers, Anthony Villis (First Wealth), Chris Yardley (Strabens Hall), Kalp Shah (Vintage Wealth) and Roger Tull (Positive Solutions).

With yet another successful New Entrant Market event wrapped up before the end of the year, we are sure the value of this event was felt far and wide in the investor community.

Please contact Richard Angus for any further enquiries: [email protected] / 0207 194 7622.