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Treatment planning system agreement

29 Aug 2018 / Corporate research

AVO’s goal is to deliver a more affordable, novel, proton-based radiotherapy system, based on state-of-the-art technology developed originally at the world-renowned CERN. Major technical milestones were achieved in 2017 and the company remains on track with its development plan. Confidence has been boosted greatly by the integration of the first three structures and overcoming the technical challenge of accelerating the proton beam. With the hardware progressing well, AVO has announced a strategic collaboration with RaySearch for the development of the treatment planning system for LIGHT in Harley Street.

  • Strategy: To develop a compact and modular proton therapy (PT) system at an affordable price for the payor, financially attractive to the operator, and generating superior patient outcomes. AVO benefits from the technology know-how developed by ADAM, Geneva, and relies on a base of world-class suppliers.
  • Collaboration agreement: The strategic collaboration agreement with RaySearch will enable AVO to equip the LIGHT system at Harley Street with the full spectrum of the company’s RayStation software functionality for treatment planning, encompassing patient positioning through to treatment solutions.
  • RaySearch: RaySearch has a presence in 2,600 clinics in 65 countries through licensing agreements with leading medical technology companies. It is the global leader in software solutions for radio and particle therapies and will provide AVO with its established RayStation software to control the LIGHT system.
  • Risks: With the new funding secured, the visibility of the company and its ability to keep the pace of its development plan have improved. Execution risk remains, but the more complex technical challenges have been overcome, and integration of the remaining units follows known working prototypes.
  • Investment summary: Demand for PT is increasing worldwide and the need for a small, flexible, affordable and close-to-patient machine is desirable. AVO has attracted strong partners and discussions with potential customers are advancing. Attention is focused on the construction timetable for the flagship Harley Street site and installation of the first LIGHT system. Forward planning to provide the software for controlling the LIGHT hardware is boosting confidence further.
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