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City of London Investment Group

City of London Investment Group is a fund manager whose main focus is investing in emerging markets via closed end funds. Its process starts with macro-economic analysis, using a broad range of criteria to assess attractive economies. It then applies detailed manager analysis and valuation criteria to stock selection. It also engages with managers of funds, pro-actively encouraging corporate activity when necessary. Clients are almost entirely institutional, with over 90% based in the US. Operationally City of London has offices in London, both coasts of the US, Singapore and Dubai.

Over the last few years it has added other strategies, including using the same process for Developed and Frontier markets and a tactical asset allocation product, now called Opportunistic Value. Having established credible track records in all of these areas, it is now growing assets outside its traditional emerging markets business.

Market: LSE

Ticker: CLIG


Lead analyst: Dr Brian Moretta

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